• Resource based economy

    We propose to create a new socio-economic system within the systemic-holistic framework in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credit, barter or any other system of indebtedness or servitude.

  • Scientific method

    Decisions will be made using the scientific method, under a framework of digital direct democracy or cyber democracy. We will create a decentralized and automated global system for the correlation of information and the automation of projects and processes already approved.

  • Sustainability

    We will not fall into the mistakes of the past, we aspire to carry out a system that respects the human being, the animal and the environment. We will eliminate programmed obsolescence, use clean energy, optimize processes to save materials, manufacture according to the environmental charge, etc.

  • Free education

    We propose a resounding change in education, a systemic-holistic education, applying the scientific method, decentralized, collaborative, without authoritarianism and elitism, without exams, without dogmatism, learning through games and projects, etc.

  • United and without borders

    Our proposal is to eliminate state borders, one world, one humanity. We believe that mutual support, volunteerism and collaboration among all, is the only thing that can save this humanity. For this we aspire to change human behavior through education.

Our projects

Planetary Union Organization

The Planetary Union Organization proposes feasible projects to achieve community change, to accomplish a prosperous, peaceful, high-tech and sustainable civilization. It proposes paths to follow, in which human, animal and environmental rights will not be mere words, but a way of life.

The different projects propose a complete redesign of the current civilization which is in a deep crisis, they are roadmaps to solve old problems such as poverty, hunger, wars, inequality, debt burden, pollution, over exploitation of resources, elitism, etc.

We believe that the path should be based on the analysis of the current civilization through the scientific method and the proposal and realization of positive projects for the change of humanity. In this section you will find different proposals made by the members of the Planetary Union Organization.


Project categories

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