• Activities

    Actions build the foundations of visions
  • Grouping

    Horizontal grouping among human beings is more effective in solving the problems that afflict humanity. We must support each other. Individualism resulted in failure.

  • Awareness

    Humanity cannot advance towards welfare without acquiring consciousness. For this is fundamental in the process of the application of scientific method. That is why imparting awareness is fundamental to achieving a better world.

  • Diffusion

    The diffusion of causes and information is an important resource to expand knowledge and create strong links of understanding among people, to defend themselves from the different situations that afflict the world. Being informed is being prepared.

  • Direct action

    The situation of a community or nation does not change if people do not materialize their ideas into concrete actions. Direct actions are indispensable to make our objectives a palpable reality.

  • Nonviolent resistance

    Human beings must recover their freedom of decision, self-management and community responsibility. We do not need to delegate what belongs to us as human beings to people who have acted ineptly.


Planetary Union Organization

The world has stagnated in a maelstrom that despises the human and life essence. For this reason it is necessary to re-imagine, rethink and recreate a better civilization. For this, it is necessary to transfer this thought to the concrete, it is necessary to create actions to change the world. The Planetary Union Organization periodically participates in concrete actions, which you can also participate in. You can get information and participate in our actions here.

Content areas


In order to achieve our objectives, we propose active participation in different events. These different events are spaces of free and open participation for everyone.


The petition is a legal tool that the citizen can count on to make his voice heard against the system, use it.

Sanciones colectivas

Organizations and states commit crimes and human rights violations, collective sanctions against them are necessary.

We take care of the problem

Companies, politicians and unconscious people are causing many problems to environment, animals and human beings. We deal with each cause raised to achieve an efficient and sustainable solution for a better civilization.

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