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Planetary Union Organization

  • Towards The Venus Project

    Imagine a new civilization where there is no poverty, no politics, no war and that is environmentally friendly. We are members of the project that will change human history as you know it.

  • For human rights

    Our priority is to look after the human rights of all people. However, our proposal is to extend these rights in order to adapt them to the present times.

  • Animal rights too

    Animals play a role in our ecological system for their balance. For this reason, we promote and protect the rights of animals as well as their lives.

  • Healthy and sustainable environment

    Without an environment there is no life. That is why we have created a system of struggle and a solid structure for its care. So that our children or grandchildren have a healthy environment.

  • For peace, without warmongering

    We promote world peace and are against wars, today the world is threatened and endangered by manipulation and attack by people with a hunger for power.

Organiización De Unión Planetaria

Planetary Union Organization

The Planetary Union Organization is a non-governmental entity of activists without political party flags that tries to visualize and fight for a new sustainable and peaceful civilization.

To this goal the Planetary Union Organization supports The Venus Project, a project founded by Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows based on the Resource-Based Economy. In addition, we use other tools and intermediate projects such as BitNation by Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof and Ethereum by Vitalik Buterin to achieve an orderly transition to our main goal.

Clear concepts


We advocate for a world without the need for geographical boundaries, as we understand that the world belongs to all living beings.


It is scientifically proven the individualistic and competitive system is deficient. For this reason, we bet on a cooperative system.


This is not a political party and we will never support or found a political party. We believe that civilization can be changed through social development.


Our proposal is that each activist can act independently or in a holon (work team) decentralized, horizontally and voluntarily.

Open and transparent

All information and activities are publicly accessible and completely free of charge. We use free licenses so that every activist can have access to the information.


We seek the elimination of money and systems of coercion, such as monetarism and capitalism. We do not seek to enrich ourselves or increase our monetary profits.

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